Money Funny Sunny

It is a personal sharing, a collective experience, a silent protest.

Money Funny Sunny is a devised theatre piece exploring the financial struggles of theatre companies, especially international artists working in the UK in the post-Brexit era. Part slideshow presentation, part visual installation, the show attempts to unpack what money means to the artists investing money and time into their work without enough income to pay their bills.

Achingly desperate and playfully honest, Money Funny Sunny is a burning question mark around how artists survive when pursuing a career in the arts, encouraging the audience to reflect on their spending patterns compared to the expenses behind the show.

The show was originally commissioned by Upstart Theatre as part of the DARE Festival 2019 and supported by Arts Council National Lottery Project Grants.

Directed/devised by Yuyu Wang
Scenography/devised by Erin Guan

Fri 25th Oct 9pm / Sat 26th Oct 6:30pm @Shoreditch Town Hall, part of DARE Festival

Money Funny Sunny at Upstart Theatre’s DARE Festival 2019. Photo by Lidia Crisafulli.